Hayley Heidi Bray From PlayBoy Stuns Us

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Hayley Heidi Bray

Hayley Heidi Bray
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Hayley Heidi Bray is an internationally multipublished model with several credits in magazines such as Playboy, Maxim and FHM.

Hayley Heidi Bray modelling career really propelled to success when she won an online contest with Pink Lipstick Lingerie in 2016 and was suddenly flown to exclusive photo shoots in Florida and The Bahamas.

Hayley then found herself being contacted from some of the most high profile photographers in the industry and constantly travelling all over the world doing photo shoots for magazine and newspaper publications.

Within just weeks of modelling, Hayley was published over ten times and within a year has had over thirty publications in renowned swimsuit and menโ€™s magazines.

She has featured in Playboy International for multiple countries including Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy and South Africa. She is the October 2017 Playboy Playmate & Cover girl for Playboy South Africa.

Hayley also likes to prove that models can have both looks and brains. An Oxford University candidate back in England, she is currently in Masters training level for health education and loves to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle along with her regular fitness posts and a new business launch in BootyLissa Butt Lifting Programs. โ„ข

Hayley is also a promising writer, and has been published on topics ranging from Instagram, to menโ€™s health and psychology of fame. Hayley is looking to branch her modelling success into TV work and acting. She currently lives between LA and London.




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